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We are and we’re coming to you!  As Kevin teaches several courses at each and every St. John Ambulance Branch in BC and the Yukon, we’ll be highlighting local people, businesses and activities that have something to teach us. We’ll be documenting all our adventures on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our blog page. On our YouTube channel we’ll post a weekly video telling the stories unique to the areas we’re visiting.

We are ambassadors for St. John Ambulance promoting a healthy lifestyle and Canadian travel. We truly believe that everyone needs to have First Aid training and our motto is “We’re coming to you”. We want to show our boys this great country and teach them diversity, resiliency, and a further understanding of cultures and people.

Please join us on our journey! We'll be wintering in the Okanagan to be close to family and friends and we plan on heading East in the Spring! 

“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching!”